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    HDR photography

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    Correspondence service

Bernardi marketing ideas – communication in detail

As I said, marketing communications is more than just advertising, big campaigns or large budgets. Even on a small scale, in detail provides marketing communication, the ability to achieve great effect with little means. The Bernardi marketing ideas we would like to these services Bernardi Marketing Network point. The specials are constantly being expanded and updated.

Special Nᵒ 1: Bernardi marketing correspondence service

Make letters and emails to customers or business partners, post offers and applications, is lay the foundations for success. Structure, text and design require a lot of tact and communication know-how. Bernardi marketing supports you in these tasks , Bernardi Marketing Network formulated , designed and optimized correspondence – individually for sender and receiver. For all tasks, you get a tailored package offer.

Special Nᵒ 2: HDR photography by Bernardi Marketing

Technology attractive and boost sales present. In detail and in a long shot HDR photography provides a new image quality. Otherwise rather mundane and boring shots of technical details and equipment are determined by the brilliance and the three-dimensional effect to small works of art that captivate the viewer that arouse his interest in the products. Engineering, architecture and much more attractive is communicated in HDR photography and presenting effective selling. Ask us.

Special Nᵒ 3: Contrast , reduction, clarity – with design concept

Communication concept design needs , they need structure in text and image in design of shapes and colors. Behind the successful concept is the knowledge and understanding to help companies , their industry , their markets. This requires business and national economic knowledge. But first, a “look” and the psychology behind it : contrast, reduction, fine. More here!