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Customers and projects speak for Bernardi Marketing Network

Companies, organizations and institutions of different magnitude and industries are among our clientele. The following is an excerpt currently have supervised and customers. We will send you selected project references to you. Please call us or email us, tell us, for which service areas you are interested.

Baden Wine Cellar e.g., Breisach
BauConsult IT and Consulting (now Aareon), Mainz
Bernardi Ingenieure GmbH, Koblenz
Bisotherm GmbH, Mülheim-Kärlich
BUGIAD GmbH, Neuwied
Carl Knauber GmbH, Bonn
Denglas Technologies Europe GmbH, Neuwied
German Red Cross, Bonn
Dorint Hotels and Holiday Park, Mönchengladbach
EDE Purchasing office of the German iron trade in goods, Wuppertal
Passengers tiles GmbH, Neuwied
EVM Power supply mittelrhein GmbH, Koblenz
IBS AG, Hoehr-Grenzhausen
Gas supply Westerwald GmbH, Höhr-Grenzhausen
Gotthardt Informationssysteme GmbH, Koblenz
Griesson / De Beukelear, Polch
Kann Baustoffwerke GmbH, Bendorf
Kreissparkasse Westerwald Bad Marienberg
Lufapak GmbH, Neuwied
Mercedes-Benz AG, Stuttgart
Polti Germany GmbH, Dusseldorf
Prinz Optics GmbH, Stromberg
Rhein-Zeitung/RZ Media GmbH, Koblenz
Glass Schott AG, Mainz, Germany
City of Koblenz, Koblenz
Power supply Koblenz, Koblenz
Power supply Neuwied, Neuwied
Thales Electronic Systems GmbH, Koblenz
Wolfcraft GmbH, Kempenich

… and more